Last Week a DJ Saved my Life

I want to take an opportunity to introduce myself, Johnnie Antonio Moreno, the founder of DeepVibes. I LOVE all things that vibrate on a deeper level. For me that can mean a lot of things. Taking care of our planet. Being connected to other people and their hopes and dreams. Creating deep and meaningful relationships. It is the foundation of my company. I wanted to create a platform for giving, helping, and nurturing our world and the people who live in it.

I do this through my love of fashion and music. After attending a music festival 6 years ago, I left inspired by the human connection I witnessed and the tool that music can be to unite people. I immediately went to work learning how to mashup music and create unique never before heard interpretations of songs. What resulted was a 30 minute minimix containing samples from over 100 songs that I titled “Sharing the Love - Episode 1.”

The response was overwhelming. I had thousands of people listen to it on Soundcloud and received so many personal messages inspiring me to keep it going. Fast forward to today and me releasing the ninth installment of “Sharing the Love.”

In the latest mix, I decided to use a few songs and vocal samples that hold a truly special meaning to me. I was fortunate enough to marry the love of my life 2 weeks ago in Puerto Vallarta and I left inspired to create "Episode 9" with songs and samples that would take me back to that rooftop in Mexico. At the 13 minute mark of the mix I pulled a sample of my brother and best man giving a speech at my wedding. His message of, holding on to the possibility of love, echo’s in to the song Innerbloom - Rufus Du Sol. The very song that was playing that night during what will go down as one of the most magical sunsets of my life. I close the mix with probably the biggest hit of the night, a mashup of Biggie Smalls and Roses. Every time I hear this mix it will take me back to that special night high up on a rooftop under the Mexican sky.

For a visual of the night I described above see the video below of Olga and I entering our wedding reception. Thank you for following the DeepVibes journey, vibrating on a deeper level, and listening to "Episode 9."