Be the Outrageous Change

Our most recent photoshoot, last week in Las Vegas, is in the books, and while the photos will be released on our Instagram account in the coming months, I want to share with our tribe one valuable lesson from the shoot. The formation of DeepVibes was founded on this principle, so I love that it showed up in a relevant way during our photoshoot. The idea that if we want to create change in the world, that it starts with just one person, and one idea. The famous quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” is easy to recite, but often the thought of changing the world is daunting. It’s important to remember that we are in fact only changing our own actions, our own vibration, and letting the universe take care of the rest.

The shoot was scheduled to start on Monday morning and last all day. We had multiple locations to shoot and the format was wide open. I left a lot of room to create for our photographers, stylist, and models. One of the models, Brandon, perhaps sensing a lull in the energy, created a shift in the shoot with his outrageousness, tenacity, and overall passion for modeling. Once he went for it and started diving over railings, jumping off of 10 foot high walls, and overall treating the shoot as if it were a Hollywood action thriller, the entire energy of the shoot shifted. He created the change within himself, and the universe did the rest. The universe responded with all of the other crew members taking their creative energy to another level, which was sustained ALL DAY.

The results of the shoot will be released on Instagram over the next 4 months so be sure to follow us @ In the meantime, check out the recap video.