Girls in DeepVibes... and Puppies!

I often refer to DeepVibes as part business, part saving the world, and part... "Art Project?" Designing clothing, producing video's, photography, website design, etc., have all provided a creative outlet to relieve the stresses of growing a business and saving the world. Recently, Olga, my fiancé and I were brainstorming ideas for our next DeepVibes video. She reminded me as to one of the fundamental design aspects of our clothing; the unisex fit.

When I was going through the design process, every sample I would get back I would immediately have Olga try it on. It had to look good on both of us. DeepVibes, is above all a socially conscious and environmental protection movement. Therefore, it's imperative that we walk the delicate balance of consumerism vs minimalism, and timeless clothing vs stylish clothing.

Our clothing must be bold, to reflect the ideals of DeepVibes, while having the ability to be worn, over and over, and even shared between boyfriend and girlfriend. I've purposely leaned the presentation of our clothing in photos masculine. But now that we've clearly established that this is a unisex clothing line that leans masculine, we wanted to present our clothing on women.

During our brainstorm session, Olga in a fit of excitement on a potential music video blurted out: "And then there will be puppies!!!" We all paused, took a second, and started laughing. "What do puppies have to do with anything?" Olga: "Everyone loves puppies." So there you have it. Olga called up a few of her girlfriends, threw on some T's, tanks, hoodies, snapbacks and headed out on a beautiful San Diego Sunday evening. We shot all of the video in 45 minutes and as luck would have it, Olga and I rescued a puppy last week.