DeepVibes Clothing - The Backstory


My name is Johnnie Moreno, founder of DeepVibes and this is the story of how DeepVibes went from an alter-ego, to a clothing brand, dedicated to making a difference in the world. About 2 years ago, through a lot of personal growth, I reached a tipping point in my life, where I became obsessed with "doing the right thing." I'm convinced that every action we take creates a vibration, and that vibration is never lost. It moves freely until it comes in contact with another person, thus affecting their personal vibration.

I became hyper aware of the decisions I was making in my life. Many of the decisions that I made on autopilot before, were now being evaluated through a different lens, a microscope. Instead of relying on social norms, I began questioning how my decisions affected other people, animals, and the health of our planet. I started watching documentaries and learning about the different social movements happening around the globe. It was the initial stages of my awakening of consciousness relating the social injustices facing our world. One such documentary that I watched was called, "The True Cost."

"The True Cost" outlined the broken and unsustainable economy of the fast fashion industry, an industry that I have unwittingly supported my entire life. I've always been known to be on the cutting edge of style, which largely contributed to my insatiable appetite for new clothing. After watching this movie, I decided to make a few simple changes to my wardrobe.

  • Wear products made in the United States.

The fast fashion industry has found a home in developing countries where they can easily exploit lax environmental laws, and take advantage of labor costs and practices that can be described as criminal acts against humanity. The United States, namely California, has some of the most rigorous environmental protection and labor laws in the world. For example, the minimum wage in California is $10.10 which is higher than the minimum wage of any other country in the world.

  • Wear products that are made with more sustainable, and environmentally conscious materials.

Not only has my consciousness opened up to what I put in my body (foods), I'm also more conscious of the chemicals that I put on my body. I've detailed this further in a previous blog post that can be found here.

  • Wear products that are cruelty free (no killing of animals to produce the products).

I've always been an animal lover and a highly compassionate person. Unfortunately, the reason I was eating animals, buying leather, and consuming products related to the unethical treatment of animals was out of ignorance and laziness to challenge my own social norms. Now that I am no longer operating on autopilot, I am more cognizant of my decisions and their impact.

  • Support clothing companies that have a giveback component as part of their business model.

Thankfully, companies giving back is very popular these days, so it is relatively easy to support many great causes simply by buying products from many of the already established brands.

After developing my standard of acceptability, I went to work to phase out my fast fashion wardrobe with suitable replacements that met the above requirements. After spending a considerable amount of time searching for clothing companies that not only met the above criteria, but also satisfied my unique styling requirements I realized that my search was futile.

It was at that point that I decided, "I'm going to solve a problem in my own closet and create a brand that 'does the right thing,' and I'm going to call it DeepVibes."

Unfortunately, right now, DeepVibes is a very small subset of a diverse wardrobe. We are only making tops at this point and only in a few colors. Moreover, we are only making men's (unisex) clothing in the streetwear category. However, our vision is to one day be a complete option for the casual wear section of a wardrobe for men and women, making a big impact on the environmental and social injustices affecting our world. We have a long climb, but we want to thank you for the early support. We will be introducing new styles soon and having events that coincide with the launch of new products and new social giveback programs, so sign up below to stay updated.

That's Me. ^ Johnnie Moreno. Thank you for reading!

That's Me. ^ Johnnie Moreno. Thank you for reading!